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Bubble Chart

Below is a list of different filter options to help you focus on particular Tool types. Filter options are categorised in Tool Characteristics and Validation Method Characteristics.

Tool Filter

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Validation Method Filter

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Compare tools visually using the bubble plot. Click on each bubble to display summary information.

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Timeframe tool measures

The time period the tool measures dietary intake.

The categories include:

  • Short = <1 week
  • Medium = 1 week – 1 month
  • Long = >1 month
  • Multiple = includes a combination of short, medium and long.

Number of nutrients validated

The number of nutrients validated in the validation studies.

Number of statistical methods used

The number of statistical methods in the validation studies out of a maximum number of 6. The only statistical methods collected included mean difference, variation of the mean difference e.g. standard deviation, correlation coefficient, limits of agreement, percentage agreement and Cohen's Kappa coefficient.

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Tool Type
Dietary Exposure

Validation Details

Lifestage Tool is Validated in
Sample Size

Colour of bubble equates to tool type, and size of bubble equates to sample size.