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Summary Plots

Below is a list of different filter options to help you focus on particular Tool types. Filter options are categorised in Tool Characteristics and Validation Method Characteristics.

Tool Filter

Tool Type info
Dietary Exposure info
Timeframe Tool Measuresinfo
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Validation Method Filter

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Lifestage info
Comparator info
Year of Tool Validation info
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The summary plots are a visual approach to compare the mean difference in intakes for certain nutrients between the dietary assessment tools and the comparators used in the validation studies.

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Tool Type
Dietary Exposure

Validation Details

Lifestage Tool is Validated in
Limits of Agreement
Mean Difference
Sample Size

The arrows represent the upper and lower limits of agreement and the size of the bubble equates to the sample size.

Click on the bubble or arrows to display summary information including the lifestage of the population validated, the comparator used and the specific data points of the mean difference and limits of agreement which are needed to compare the assessment tools.

Not all validation papers are included in the graph and some of the data points are median differences, click on the bubbles to find out.

Some results have been calculated using statistical techniques based on the published data. To find more information read the validation article.