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Tool Information: Scottish Collaborative Group FFQ

Full Nutrient, Food Groups Retrospective; Usual 2-3 Months Food Frequency Questionnaire No


This tool is a semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire which can be administered as a paper copy or can be completed online. The questionnaire includes 170 food items and was developed to assess macro and micronutrient intake in the UK across a wide age range (children, young people, adults, older adults). It should only be used in subjects whose diet is both based on commonly eaten UK foods and has remained stable over a period of at least 3 months. This tool has been validated five times.

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Special Considerations

There will be a charge fee for using the SCG-FFQ.

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Software Required

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Training Required

Not reported

Instructions on use

Instructions on use is provided by the project team

Administration Method


Data Analysis

Instructions on how the dietary data is analysed can be found on the SCQ-FFQ website.

Author Year Comparator Lifestage Sex Number of Nutrients Validated Mean Difference Variance Measured info Correlation Coefficients Percentage Agreement Limits of Agreement Special Considerations Action
Masson 2003 Weighed Food Diary Adults Male Only 25 Participants included men who had recently participated in a population-based study of coronary heart disease risk factors, women attending a Family Planning Clinic, and men and women recruited from a variety of public sector workplaces.
Weighed Food Diary Adults Female Only 25
Jia 2008 Weighed Food Diary Elderly Male Only 25 Free-living healthy older people.
Weighed Food Diary Elderly Female Only 25
Weighed Food Diary Elderly Both 24
Heald 2006 Biomarkers Adults, Elderly Male Only 5 Control participants in the PCANDIET study
Hollis 2017 Estimated Food Diary Adults Both 26 Participants were recruited from the 2010 Scottish Health Survey (SHeS) sample
Mohd-Shukri 2013 Estimated Food Diary Adults Female Only 36 Pregnant Women (between 12 and 29 weeks' gestation) from an ongoing cohort study of severe obesity in pregnancy at the Antenatal Metabolic Clinic, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK. Data split by BMI status (obese vs lean women)