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Tool Library Best Practice Guidelines – Evaluation Checklist (opens new tab)

Tool Information: Oxford WebQ

Full Nutrient Retrospective 1 Day Web based 24-hour dietary assessment No


This tool is a web-based 24 hour dietary assessment tool, which focuses on consumption of 206 foods and 32 beverages during the previous 24 hours. The Oxford WebQ was developed for repeated implementation in large prospective studies. The tool has been used in the UK Biobank, the Million Women Study, and several smaller studies and has been validated by comparison with an interviewer-administered 24-hour recall completed on the same day.

Contact Information info

Tool Website

Special Considerations

There is a small fee to use the tool.

Last Updated info


Software Required

Internet access is required by the participants. Contact the tool owner for further details on what software is required.

Training Required

Not reported

Instructions on use

Instructions on how to use the dietary assessment tool can be found in the publications and by contacting the tool owner.

Administration Method


Data Analysis

Instructions on how the dietary data was analysed can be found in the publications.

Author Year Comparator Lifestage Sex Number of Nutrients Validated Mean Difference Variance Measured info Correlation Coefficients Percentage Agreement Limits of Agreement Special Considerations Action
Liu 2011 24hr Recall Adults Both 20 N/A