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Tool Information: ASA24-Kids

Food Groups Retrospective 1 days 24 Hour Recall No


This tool was availble from February 2014 to March 2017 but is no longer available. The tool was adapted from the ASA24 for use in children 10 years and above, data on all foods and drinks consumed the previous day were assessed using the ASA24 interface. The methodology and features of the pre-2016 ASA24 (for adults) are very similar to those of the ASA24-Kids, including: multiple passes, portion size guiding images and supplement intake. An animated penguin avatar was used in ASA24-Kids to guide participants through the interface and maintain their interest, common misspellings of foods were also included to reduce problems with finding foods. Foods and drinks that were not reported in nation dietary surveillance were removed, alongside alcoholic beverages. Some foods and beverages also were simplified e.g. 'bubbly water' was used instead of 'carbonated water'. The team behind ASA24-Kids suggest that new studies with young participants consider using ASA24-2016.

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National Cancer Institute

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Special Considerations

This tool is no longer available, the team behind ASA24-Kids suggest using ASA24-2016 for studies with young participants.

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Data Analysis

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Author Year Comparator Lifestage Sex Number of Nutrients Validated Mean Difference Variance Measured info Correlation Coefficients Percentage Agreement Limits of Agreement Special Considerations Action
Diep 2015 Direct observation Children, Adolescents (aged 9-11 years) Both 0 The validation study doesn't report data on nutrients, therefore this information is not represented in our Validation Results Table. The study looked at % matches, % instrusions, % omissions and portion-size correlation for matched foods.