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Tool Information: Remote Food Photography Method (RFPM)

Full Nutrient Prospective 6 days Food Diary Estimated No


This tool uses Smartphones to capture images of food selection and plate waste and relies on the validated digital photography method. The images are sent to a server in near real-time for food intake estimation by comparing the images with food images of known portion sizes. Prompts are sent to the Smartphones to remind participants to capture food images. This tool was designed to measure energy and nutrient intake of people in their natural environment. The tool was subsequently validated in 2012.

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Special Considerations

When food images are not captured, a back up method is used (food record or verbal recall conducted via the Smartphone). The colllection method used was 'Food images'.

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Software Required

Smartphone access and computer software

Training Required

Yes, registered dieticians must be training to estimate portion sizes and participants require training with the data collection devices

Instructions on use

Not reported

Administration Method

Self administered (includes prompts to take photographs)

Data Analysis

Instructions on how to use the dietary assess

Author Year Comparator Lifestage Sex Number of Nutrients Validated Mean Difference Variance Measured info Correlation Coefficients Percentage Agreement Limits of Agreement Special Considerations Action
Martin 2012 Doubly Labelled Water Adults Both 0 88% of subjects were female, 62% were White and 38% were African American. Only results reported from study 2 (validation of nutrients) are summarised here.
Laboratory-based buffet meals (quantified by weighing food provision and waste) Adults Both 10