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Tool Information: FFQ (Pregnant Women)

Energy, Micronutrient Retrospective; Usual 1 month Food Frequency Questionnaire No


This tool is a semi-quantitative interview-administered food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) that retrospectively estimates nutrient intake at two critical time points during pregnancy. The FFQ is divided into three sections: the first focuses on dietary intake during the previous month; the second examines differences between current diet and diet during each trimester; the final section looks at supplement intake. The questionnaire has been validated in 2012.

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Special Considerations

Mothers were from a small urban community with low levels of literacy.

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Software Required

Not reported

Training Required

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Instructions on use

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Administration Method

Interviewer adminstered

Data Analysis

Instructions on how to use the dietary assessment tool can be found in the publications

Author Year Comparator Lifestage Sex Number of Nutrients Validated Mean Difference Variance Measured info Correlation Coefficients Percentage Agreement Limits of Agreement Special Considerations Action
Mejía-Rodríguez 2012 24hr Recall Adolescents, Adults (First trimester of pregnancy, 15-37 years) Female Only 4 All participants had participated in a prospective study to evaluate dietary intake during pregnancy, 4-6 years earlier. Results shown are for the FFQ-month only and do not include supplements.
24hr Recall Adolescents, Adults (Third trimester of pregnancy, 15-37 years) Female Only 4