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Best Practice Guidelines

Step-by-step guidance helping you select the best dietary assessment tool (DAT) for your research. Based on expert consensus.

Strengths and Weaknesses of DATs

Compare different types of DATs to determine which tool is the most suitable for your research.

Tool E-Library

View and access validated DATs through the Tool E-Library, which provides detailed information on the tool characteristics, validation study protocol, validation results and the special considerations of the tool.

Visualisation Plots

Compare the characteristics of the DATs, validation study design and the statistical validation data through our Bubble and Summary plots.

Food Questionnaire Creator

Create and develop new food questionnaires or use existing validated questionnaires that have been transformed from paper to web-based on the Food Questionnaire Creator (FQC). Map questions to the latest food databases for easier data collection and nutrient analysis.

Useful Links

Find useful links to publications, other dietary assessment registries, food databases, surveys and data resources to help you in your research.

DIET@NET (DIETary Assessment Tools NETwork)

The Nutritools website was developed by the DIET@NET partnership which includes experts in the field of dietary assessment, nutritional epidemiology, public health and clinical studies from 8 UK universities and institutes.